Very few of us will ever be able to get the image out of our heads. The mangled bus. The car that all but shattered. The bus driver pinned and helpless.

LaShon Diallo wasn't even supposed to be working that day. She had taken the shift when another coworker had called in sick. She was on her way back to the bus depot when a driver going over 80 miles per hour drove over the grass, clipped the front of the bus, and skidded to a stop in such a way it came to a stop on the lap of Diallo. Luckily, as you can see from the footage below, an ambulance and police cruiser happened to be at the intersection where this tragic accident took place and were able to help immediately, but Diallo's injuries weren't something anyone was going to be able to tend to on site. As a result, she is on a long road to recovery, and you can help.

Friends and family of LaShon Diallo have created a page for donations. As we always say, if everyone gives a little, we'll have a lot. Please think about donating to help this mother, coworker, friend, and neighbor in any way you can.

Warning - Dashcam Video is Hard to Watch


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