Sadly, when you have a vehicle, you're always a target for potential break-ins. Thieves can always find something of value in a vehicle, like last year when the "Kia Boys" were running rampant in Grand Rapids, stealing steering columns.

But a recent uptick in car break-ins in Kalamazoo has prompted the city's Public Safety Department to issue a statement that could potentially lower your risks at having YOUR vehicle broken into.

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Car break-ins are inevitable pretty much anywhere in the country. Maybe rarer in some communities, but nonetheless, if there's something of value in or on your car, chances are someone's gonna want it.

So, it's good to take proper precautions to protect your property.

Recently, Kalamazoo has seen an uptick in break-ins, and KDPS issued a statement that, you'd THINK would be common sense... but apparently not.

KDPS is seeing a rise in Vehicle break-ins!
One of the biggest causes of this is people are leaving their doors UNLOCKED! So our advice is simple enough:
We URGE the public to LOCK doors, do NOT leave guns and other possessions, ESPECIALLY CAR KEYS, in the cars. Keep valuables out of sight. And finally, just plain lock your car!!!!!"


Yep, that's right.. People just AREN'T locking their cars! I don't know why this isn't common knowledge that ALMOST every vehicle ever made has a locking mechanism on it.

So WHY aren't you using it? (Not "You" specifically, but in general as Kalamazoo residents.)

Even more baffling is, people are leaving the KEYS in the car. With modern vehicles, it's not necessary to have a physical key to start the vehicle. Some are simple push-button starts, so long as the key-fob is within so many feet of a sensor.

But if you leave that key-fob in the center console, or the glovebox, then it makes it REALLY easy to steal your car.

So, let common sense wash over us all, listen to KDPS, and for the LOVE of all that you hold precious in your car, lock the damn doors!

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