Every year the Halloween season brings more and more ways for businesses to capitalize on the ever-growing market for Halloween spending.  One statistic claims that $500,000,000 alone will be spent on costumes for pets.  We're talking billions of dollars forked out for a holiday that was once just a costume and candy.  Fortunately for many, businesses are also reciprocating by offering special discounts and contests just for being in the Halloween spirit.  Get It?  Spirit?

Anyway, one of those companies is Chipotle celebrating the season with their annual "Boo"rito" charging $4.00 for a burrito, bowl, salad or taco and all to have to do is show up on Halloween in costume.  I mean how hard can that be?  Just paint your face a little and call it good.  And to add to all those treats is an Instagram contest that could get you free burritos for an entire year!  Check out the details by clicking HERE.


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