So, in an article I posted yesterday about Gull Meadow Farms doing their Donut Days in the Spring instead of the Fall I joked about other seasonal things we can do out of season like drink green beer or a Winter Fest.  Ya know because we live in Michigan.  then I see this article on and it doesn't seem that funny anymore.

Remember February 2019?  I know, it seems decades ago.  We had the infamous Polar Vortex that sent temperatures to dangerously low levels and had an effect on not only the obvious things like plants, but also buildings' exteriors and interiors and other things we didn't know extreme cold temperatures could do.  Well apparently, these Polar Vortexes don't just happen in the winter.  Granted, it has been unseasonably chilly so far this spring but, again, we live in Michigan.

In that article Alex Sosnowski from AccuWeather says: "The real out-of-season part of the weather pattern will be the cold days and evenings and the likelihood of snow for some areas."  Ya...snow.  Now, it's certainly not out of the question.  I can remember playing golf at the old Elks Club the first weekend in May back in the mid 90s and it started flurrying on the 3rd hole.  But not since then so you could say we're just in a cycle.  However, I think it's climate change to the extent that we're moving to a 2-season year where we'll go from winter to summer and eliminate traditional spring and fall.  It seems it's already been happening the last few years.  In the meantime, hope you didn't plant anything before Memorial Day like the experts say.

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