There are so many wonderful organizations in Southwest Michigan whose whole mission is to help our neighbors. Loaves and Fishes helps families bridge the food gap and help them find food security. God's Kitchen serves a weekly free meal to anyone who is hungry, no proof of income needed. Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries helps our most vulnerable members of the community with shelter and education necessary for a new start. Recently I stumbled upon a Facebook post from the Kalamazoo Dream Center. It simply said, "Look what we are handing out today."

It seems that the volunteers at Kalamazoo Dream Center were set up in front of their storefront location at 1122 Portage Street, across from the new construction, to dispense diapers, candy, cold weather clothing, food, hygiene products, and so much more to those in need. Having never known this organization was part of the community, I did some quick research. According to their website, the Kalamazoo Dream Center is "an organization solely run by volunteers who are dedicated to serving our clients with compassion and dignity," whose mission is "giving a promise of hope by providing necessities to those in need with the Greater Kalamazoo Area."

It's a relief to know that there are so many resources in our community for those who my be struggling with hunger, paying rent or utilities, or even providing the most basic of necessities. If you are in need of Kalamazoo Dream Center's help call (269) 382-4760, or, if you think you'd like to get involved on a volunteer basis helping their mission, click here to complete a volunteer form.

If all of us give a little, we'll sure have a lot.

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