It wasn't an ordinary call when the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department was asked to respond to emus on the loose west of the city.

The cop shop shared on Facebook that

The emus are loose!
We're working a report of six emus loose in the area of 6th Street and Stadium Dr. Please use caution when traveling in the area.

When asked by a commenter if this was an April Fools joke, they said that sadly, no that this was a real call they were working.

We wish... have you ever tried to catch an emu?

Stadium Drive and 6th Street is in Oshtemo Township.

While capturing the birds, ensuring their safety and that of the public is, of course, the main concern, the humor of the situation was lost on no one.

The easy jokes came from the well-known Liberty Mutual Insurance Limu the Emu campaign.

Other law enforcement joined in on the fun. When Kalamazoo County Central Dispatch shared the Sheriff's Department update on Facebook, with the caption, "This is a real thing," neighboring Allegan County dispatch was quick to join in the fun offering:

We’ll send units that way for a perimeter……and back-up.

No one in Kalamazoo made any emu jokes about EMU, or Eastern Michigan University. Perhaps after Western Michigan suffered their 4th straight loss to the Eagles in the 2022 season including a 45-23 beatdown in Waldo Stadium in October, the EMU jokes couldn't flow quite as freely.

By late morning, the emus had been secured and reunited with their owner.

We eagerly await dashcam and bodycam footage.

(Editor's Note: The emu image accompanying this article is a stock image and not one of the escapee emus.)

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