There's a lot to be said for the Kalamazoo Growlers' guts this season. First place headed into the midway point, securing their spot in the Playoffs, no matter what. Then, a slump that sent them down to the low spot in the division, and the lowest seeded team in the Northwoods League Playoffs.

All the more motivation for them to win it all (which they did), and let the WHOLE league know who they are!

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It started with the team's first ever playoff home at Homer Stryker Field.

A subtle acknowledgement that the
Growlers weren't playing around

Then came game 2...

...and that's all she wrote.

Fans of the Growlers were quick to bring up a tweet from the Pit Spitters own feed...


 Yep. That's a team with NOTHING to lose... and they WOULDN'T!

A single-elimination game against the Rapids finished something like this...

WORLD SERIES BOUND!!!(Well... Northwood League Championship bound at least.)Wisconsin Rapids Rafters

Now, you can re-live the Championship Game inning-by-inning with our Championship story, but ultimately, it came down to one moment...

And THERE IT IS!!!! Your
Northwoods League Champions, the Kalamazoo Growlers!

At least one team in the league was a bit salty, but... of course we had an answer for them...  

 And don't worry, the


Congratulations to the Growlers!

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