It seems like everybody had a dream at one time or another to own a club.  It would have your name on it, everybody would want to be there, it would always be packed; ya know a dream.  Well, there's a place in downtown Kalamazoo that has held some legendary parties and may continue to do so with the next owner.

That place is Up And Under at the very West end of W. Michigan downtown.  I was a part of one of those legendary parties around the middle of the last decade.  I can honestly say I spent a week there that night!  So back to the bar... Our friends at Kalamazoo Real Estate have the listing and if you've never been up or under I can tell you it's a pretty cool space with a lot going on and a lot of possibilities.  Or maybe you wouldn't be interested in running a bar/restaurant/night club.  It's still a great location for something else that could take off in a downtown that's getting better every year.  If you want to take a virtual look around click HERE.

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