Well it's about time!  And why not give the whole country the day off?  It seems that every other country with any stature holds their elections either on a specific voting holiday or on a weekend day.  We've said for hundreds of years how important it is for all who are registered to vote.  Well now, Kalamazoo is setting the example for the rest of the nation.

In an article on mlive.com, Kalamazoo County employees will be getting a paid holiday for the elections in November 2020.  So not just the day off but a PAID day off!  Certainly there are several paid holidays in many counties in the area; the most popular are MLK Day, New Years Eve Day and Veteran's Day.  I don't want to play favorites but let's take a look at what days are the most critical to be off.  I think one of the first we'd decide on is the General Election every four years.  You might even argue that the Mid Term Elections are nearly as critical.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.

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