I don't know weather it's because I'm getting older and I can hear the clock ticking or it's just pure reckless abandon but I vowed to act on things that I want to do instead of blowing them off.  Sure there will be "bucket list" items but even more than those.

A few years ago my wife Karla and I decided our number one priority in this area was to go see the bands we've never seen before or bands we want to see again.  For so many years we simply couldn't be bothered to drive 15 minutes to the State Theatre in downtown Kalamazoo and missed out on some great shows just because we didn't feel like going out.

Well, now, we're really kicking ourselves with the realization that some music venues may never open again.  But it's not just the big things, it's the little things some might call insignificant.

A while back Popeye's came out with their new chicken sandwich and the whole thing became a phenomenon.  Cars were lined up for blocks, fights were breaking out and stores were running out of sandwiches.  What was the big deal?  It's just a chicken sandwich!

Did I make it a point to simply go buy one and find out?  Hey, I love chicken sandwiches.  But no, I didn't until a few weeks ago.  It was close to 1:00pm on a weekday and there were 10 to 20 cars ahead of me but I got that sandwich.  It didn't change my life but it was one of the best chicken sandwiches I've ever had and I'll go back again.

This is what I'm talking about.  Life's too short and, worse than that, it's often the same old same old.  Now, Popeye's over on W. Main in Kalamazoo is giving away their chicken tenders for the rest of the month.  This time I won't wait years to try them.  check out the details HERE.

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