Race fans may disagree about the best driver, but everyone is disappointed that Kalamazoo Speedway will not start on schedule. The green flag may wave in June.

It's the pits. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the brakes on the opening of the season at Kalamazoo Speedway. This will definitely last longer than a rain delay as the red flag is out for a while. In a post published at KalamazooSpeedway.com, officials cancelled all May events at the track and hope to put the pedal to the metal in June.

Our intention remains to have Kalamazoo Speedway’s 71st consecutive season opened with a delayed running of the Intimidator 100 event.  We hope to be able to announce soon that we can have small group practices or track rentals, but at the present time, this too is not allowed.


The health and safety of our incredible fans, competitors and employees continue to be our top priority.  We will continue to monitor local, state and federal guidelines as we determine future scheduling options.


Thank you!

Gary Howe

Kalamazoo Speedway

-Kalamazoo Speedway.com

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