Join the Kalamazoo Valley Museum for Symbolism of the Mandala, part of their their continuing Discovery Series, Sunday, November 10th, at 1:30pm. Learn about these beautiful sand paintings from Tibetan Buddhist monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery who will construct a mandala at the museum between November 6 – 10, 2019, in partnership with Connecting Chords Music Festival. Mandala is Sanskrit for sacred cosmogram, and although cosmograms can be created using anything from water colors to wood carvings, those made from colored sand are the the most awe inspiring. Millions of grains of sand will be painstakingly laid into place to form the image. Then, following the :30 informational lecture, the mandala will be consecrated and swept away, as all mandalas are, as a metaphor for the impermanence of life.

Here's what you need to know:

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