Not only will Kalamazoo have the best selling police vehicle in America, it will also have the fastest police vehicle in America.  If you were to use "car common sense" you'd probably guess the Dodge Charger used by law enforcement agencies would have to be the fastest.  That may have been the case once but not in 2020.

According to an article on, the Ford Explorer-based law enforcement vehicle will be the fastest cop car on the street according to preliminary test data from the Michigan State Police.  While the Dodge Charger was faster accelerating at lower speeds, the Ford Explorer was faster 0 to 50, 0 to 60 and 0 to 100.  In fact, the Ford Explorer has the fastest top end at 150 mph!!!  So, why do we need a vehicle to go that fast?  These days some of the perps are blowing by at 120 mph and I guess you need to be able to get them off the road as soon as possible.  Check out more of the stats by clicking HERE.


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