Before you know it you'll be stuffing yourself in a big puffy coat to shovel or plow the driveway to get to the mailbox or wrapping up the family in down-filled clothing to go skiing and sledding at Milham Park Golf Course or pointing out all the cars and trucks you saw wiped out on the side of the road because they suddenly forgot how to drive on snowy roadways.  Yes, before you know it, you'll be disgusted with the average 60 inches of snow that Kalamazoo gets annually versus the 28 inches annually that the rest of the country gets.

But before all that will come the excitement of our very first snowfall of the season. You imagine the cold, crisp air soothing you as the white snow blankets the ground and roadways, its coverage a sign of anticipated pristine beauty and a much needed silent peacefulness.  Yes, its amazing how much we love we have for that first snow fall and how much hate we have for the last snow of the season.

With that said, I've done some calculations, digging into the archives and doing some historic weather research as to come up with a theory or hypothesis on when to the most common date that the first snow falls in Kalamazoo on average. That calculation comes out to....ready? Expect the very first snow to fall in Kalamazoo on November 13th 2020.  There ya go - mark it down.

Of course keep in mind two things about my bold prediction. One: It's national Drink Beer Day and quite frankly, I have a god given right to celebrate it. Two: its 2020 and if any weird weather anomalies are going to happen, well, it'll be this year.

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