The Mandalorian isn't just a television show, it's a happening. Actress Katee Sackhoff who voiced the character Bo-Katan in Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels physically steps in to the same role in the hit Disney+ series. She took the time to chat about what it means to her to be a part of the Star Wars universe, where her love of science fiction started, and what's next for this talented actress.

The Mandalorian is special. Although it is set in the Star Wars universe, newbies don't have to know the lore and history to be able to jump in with both feet and follow the storyline. And Sackhoff thinks Disney made the right choice to use it to kick off their streaming service. She said, quote:

What a beautiful way for Disney to open up Disney + with that, to bring in all these new fans, potentially, who had never seen Star Wars. And then to bring such a beautiful show and to have (Dave) Filoni and (Jon) Favreau at the helm, who are both such fans of Star Wars... to have them lead and to know what fans of the series wanted as well? So smart. So smart. Because those guys know exactly what the fans wanted so they gave them everything. So, it's pretty exciting.

She isn't simply happy to have a recurring role in a series, Star Wars has a special place in her heart, as she has been a fan since childhood:

I grew up idolizing these characters and this world, and to be able to be a part of it is still mind blowing to me.

Some actors were born for romantic comedy. Others for the horror genre. Once you get a sure footing in the business and you're able to pick and choose the projects you want to be a part of, science fiction was a no-brainer for Sackhoff:

I wanted to be in movies and television shows that my father would enjoy watching because my dad gave me my love of science fiction and action movies. I mean, that is what we watched when I was a little kid... I started picking the things that I wanted to watch. So, it makes total sense to me that I ended up in sci-fi. The fact that I'm still doing this 25 years later, though? I am so mind-blown."

Along with The Mandalorian, Sackhoff wrapped season 2 of Netflix's Another Life, which should be out this summer. If these two projects haven't kept her busy enough, she's returning to the recording booth to reprise her role in Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken, Bitch Puddin'.

Bitch Puddin' is not going anywhere.

Check out the complete interview with The Mandalorian's Katee Sackhoff below.

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