According to Michigan Department of Natural Resources, April through June is when most wildfires in Michigan occur.  The DNR is using this next week , Wildfire Prevention week to remind the public of the dangers of wildfires.

If you burn debris or brush you must have a burn permit in Michigan if the ground is not snow covered.  If you are a resident of  Northern Lower Michigan or the Upper Peninsula you can obtain a free burn permit by either visiting  or by calling  866-922-2876.

Southern Michigan residents should contact their local fire department or township office to see if burning is permitted in your area.

In addition to obtaining a burn permit, the DNR recommends people take the following steps to help prevent wildfires:

  • Pay attention to the fire danger in your area. Don’t burn debris when conditions are dry or windy. Unsafe burning of leaves, brush and other debris is a main cause of wildfires.
  • Clear away flammable material surrounding the fire so it won’t creep into dry vegetation.
  • Keep campfires small, and do not leave before they are fully extinguished.
  • Have a shovel and water available at all times when you are burning. Be sure and douse fires with plenty of water, stir, and add more water until everything is wet.
  • Do not cover a campfire with soil; it may simply smolder before coming back to life.
  • Embers can re-ignite. Make sure they are out completely.
  • Consider composting or mulching yard debris rather than burning it

For more safety tips visit,

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