Morel mushrooms are a rare and unique food and for mushroom hunters, here are the spots the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says might be mushroom hot spots.

Morel mushrooms, according to the DNR, grow

in locations where sizable fires (more than 10 acres) occurred the previous year. The mushrooms only will grow where there was a forested covertype; grass or other ground covers will not yield morels. Additionally, morel mushrooms are more likely to grow in burned areas where jack, white, or red pine once grew.

DNR Wildfire & Burn Map

The DNR produced this map of proscribed burns and wild fires. There are six fires in the southwest Michigan area.

As the DNR notes, these locations only indicate fires and not where mushrooms have been spotted.They also have provided safety tips for mushrooms hunters and warns about poisonous mushrooms.

Kalamazoo County

11 acres south of the Kalamazoo river near Augusta

42 acres near South Gull Lake

Barry County

23 acres southwest of Hastings

Allegan County

Wildfires near Allegan

Several proscribed burns in the Allegan State Game Area

morel mushroom michigan 2016 map
Michigan DNR

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