Peeps are not just a treat anymore, they are a meal!

Many people have very strong feelings about the marshmallow treats known as Peeps. I myself LOVE them, so I am over the moon excited about what Kellogg has in the works for this Easter season

The cereal  is made with whole grains and lightly sweetened, the marshmallow-flavored cereal crisps are accompanied by actual marshmallows. Stop with the tasty explosion, this stuf sounds amazing!

According to Mlive...

The cereal boxes are currently being delivered to grocery stores all over. In fact, some stores have already received shipments. The cereal is limited-edition and will be available until they run out.

I have vowed to find this cereal, and I am dying to try it! I love to pop my Peep into the microwave for a about 10 seconds (just long enough to puff up and become super soft). I believe that if I locate this yummy cereal, I just might toss it in the micro to see what happens.

How Peeps Are Made

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