The Rolling Stones have been a staple of the rock ‘n’ roll community since the 60s and continue to prove that they are bound to go down as the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time. Having recently released a brand, new song, called "Angry," which shows footage of the band throughout their 60 year career, they show no sign of stopping.

But did you know that the Rolling Stones are responsible for writing the jingle to The Battle Creek based Kellogg’s Rice Krispies two years after they formed? Back in 1964 Rice Krispies asked the band to take on the arduous task of writing a jingle for a new commercial, which they propmtly did:

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History of the Song

The song was cowritten by Brian Jones, a member of the Stones who passed away in 1969, with the J. Walter Thompson ad agency who had Rice Krispies as a client. The funny thing was they were only paid 400 pounds for the jingle. That’s pretty cheap, considering it came from one of the biggest rock bands at the time. The song is called "Juke Box" and is definitely dated but you can most certainly tell it’s the Rolling Stones.

This song was recorded a few years before their hit "Satisfaction" was released, but this song clearly is what skyrocketed them into the limelight.

Enjoy it below:

Wake up in the morning there’s a snap around the place / Wake up in the morning there’s a crackle in your face / Wake up in the morning there’s a pop that really says Rice Krispies for you and you and you.


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