You won't see an animatronic band on stage and some of these places don't even have video games. Highly recommended by Kalamazoo parents, here are the eight spots in Kalamazoo to take your kids for pizza.

Why do kids love pizza so much? A quick Google search comes up with a host of ads for pizzerias far and wide, but no scientific answers. We don't need science to tell us that everybody loves pizza, so why not kids? We know you love your kids, so we decided to seek out the best local places in town to take them out for a few delicious slices and let kids be kids. Someone asked Kalamazoo Menu on Facebook the same question, and here's what the local foodies say.

8 Locally Owned Kid-Friendly Pizza Places in Kalamazoo

Local experts and Kalamazoo parents recommend these places for a kid-friendly atmosphere, great pizza, and a fun family night out.
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