There are only 10 Kmart stores left in the continental United States and 4 in US territories. It's an epic road trip if you need to buy new underwear.

When the last Kmart in Marshall, Michigan permanently closes this November, you may need a plane ticket if you want to shop the blue light special. Michigan was once home to Kmart's headquarters and not only are there no stores left in the state, there are no Kmarts in the midwest.

Maybe Raymond Babbit was right? After Dustin Hoffman's character famously proclaimed "Kmart sucks," a company vice president vowed, "long after people have forgotten `Rain Man,' there'll be a Kmart." Not only is the one in Cincinnati at 400 Oak St gone, so are many others. Take a look back at the Rain Man clip and then see the last Kmart stores in the United States.

These are the Only Kmart Stores Left in the United States

Think beyond the borders. Four of the remaining fourteen Kmart stores are in US territories outside of the continental United States. Take a look at the last Kmart stores left.
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