One of my favorite shows of my youth, "Knight Rider" turns 32 today as it debuted on NBC in 1982.  The show starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight and featured KITT a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with Artificial Intelligence. Together both set out to fight crime. My favorite part of the show was when they would feature one of KITT's many features which ranged from Turbo Boost to the scanner on the front of the car.

Another highlight for me with the show was it's theme song which I think was one of the best not just for shows in the 80's but for tv shows in general.

Sadly the show only lasted four season's but it did spin off into other series and included a reboot in 2008 but none of those were the same.

It would be hard to pick a favorite episode as I haven't seen a full episode in years. Happy Birthday to a classic show maybe it's time for me to get it on DVD.

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