There is a rather large outdoor sculpture park that is totally free to the public just east of Marquette that has been a go-to spot for visitors who are headed to the Upper Peninsula. Lakenenland is owned by Tom & Lisa Lakenen, and is open 24/7 365 days a yea and its free to enjoy. The 37-acre park is located 15 miles east of Marquette on highway M-28 across from Shot Point road, and has been a staple of the community and may possibly be the most unique spot in all of the Upper Peninsula.

The park contains over 100 iron sculptures Tom made from scrap iron, which even includes a band shell made out of scrap material also, for anyone to use for open jam sessions or any other fun use. There is a lean/two shelter with a fire pit for people to use in the winter, as well as 2 ponds for people to fish in during the summer. Tom spends almost every weekend at Lakenenland in the winter and as often as possible the rest of the year.

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Recently Lisa posted a video of Tom shoveling ice to advertise Lakenenland, in a beautifully designed snow sign that leads people to their park.

Lisa Lakenen Facebook
Lisa Lakenen Facebook


Anyone flying overhead would know doubt be taken surprise by this. They take great pride of the work Tom has put into this park, giving back to everyone from and in the area:

Tom's whimsical, colorful and sometimes "tell it like it is" Metal Art sculptures showcasing his tremendous talent for turning junk metal and scrap iron into awe inspiring, entertaining works of art.

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