Recent news that Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights would be getting a major $1 Billion renovation that includes over 2,800 multi-family apartments including 750 for senior housing, nearly 150,000 square feet of retail and dining (in addition to the existing 400,000,) 60,000 square feet of office space and a 120-room hotel, according to the City of Sterling Heights.

This of course was met with dozens of posts, which I'm embarrassed to say, coming from media outlets saying things like "Farewell, R.I.P." The truth is though, there's nothing to wish farewell, as one employee in the mall shared:

I wish people would stop saying ”RIP to Lakeside Mall”, or “there are no stores at Lakeside”.The mall is still open, and they never said it would be closed any time soon. They plan to redevelop it, and that won’t happen until who knows when. It hurts businesses when people assume, and post about it being closed. As an employee and sister of one of the tenants, PLEASE STOP spreading that false info. There are plenty of stores that are open. Maybe if people started shopping at stores again, they wouldn’t be closing and more would be opening.
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Going For Shock Clicks

I know exactly why certain outlets will do this, inspiring shock from their readers. The problem is, as stated above, there are literally dozens of shops STILL open that could use your service and people to support them.

So don't believe the shock headlines. This is a MAJOR renovation and these things are gonna take a while to prepare and execute, but after it's all said and done, Lakeside Mall will have new life and a new look. Although the structure may go through renovations and changes, the area is getting an upgrade, not going away.

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