Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said the absence of crowd barriers was the best thing about the band’s S&M2 orchestral shows.

They performed concerts with the San Francisco Symphony on Sept. 6 and 8, with the results to be screened in theaters on Oct. 9 and limited previews three days earlier.

Ulrich listed Scott Pingel’s acclaimed symphonic version of the late Cliff Burton’s piece “Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)” as one of his favorite moments, but it wasn’t the only one.

“The ‘Anesthesia’ bass solo was incredible,” he told Kerrang! in a recent interview. “The way the fans reacted to that was Goose Bump City. I loved the dare of playing ‘Iron Foundry.’ I loved revisiting songs we don’t play so often, like ‘The Outlaw Torn’ and ‘The Call of Ktulu.’”

He also said he "loved how Edwin [Outwater] brought one sort of dynamic when he was conducting the more rock stuff, and how Michael Tilson Thomas – the maestro, the elder statesman of his world – brought in some different pieces and encouraged the fans to understand where the symphonic and rock worlds overlap.”

That still wasn't Ulrich’s top memory, however. “Most of all, though, the fact that there was no barricade stood out,” he said. “When was the last time you went to a rock show of that size without one? What does that barricade do? What does it mean? It’s a safety thing, but in essence it’s something that separates people. I loved just being able to walk out with the fans. At one point I leaned back and let myself go into their embrace. That was a great moment.”

Meanwhile, Metallica announced a second All Within My Hands Foundation concert to promote the band’s nonprofit work to address hunger, education and community-involvement issues. Like the first show last year, it will take place at the Masonic in San Francisco on March 28, 2020.

“Mark your calendars to join us and see what we've been up to since the foundation formed in 2017, learn about the charities we've supported and the work we're doing in local communities, and we'll close out the night by hitting the stage for a live performance,” Metallica said in a statement.


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