Clearly there's a lot of star power behind Detroit right now. The Lions are the Darlings of the NFL, and Dan Campbell is their captain. The recently-named NFC Coach of the year opened his time with Detroit in what we THOUGHT at the time, was a cringy first impression.

But now we know, it wasn't just a show, and now the celebrity world is backing the Detroit Lions like they never have before, including a NEW group of metalheads - Metallica.

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Yes, the thrash metal legends are backing Dan Campbell and the Lions during this incredible playoff run, which is very interesting, because Metallica was founded in San Francisco.

But, Campbell has been a huge supporter of the band through the years. He routinely listens to them, and even had a back and forth with the band when Metallica was on their home turf - Ford Field - back in November.

"They always reinvent themselves. They never get stale, they never get old, they just adapt, and adjust and keep putting out hits."

The band confirmed their love of the Lions this week when the team posted a photo of Aidan Hutchinson with the caption "the soothing light at the end of your tunnel was just a freight train coming your way."


Those are lyrics from the band's song "No Leaf Clover," and they responded in the comments, "In Dan we Trust #OnePride."

But Metallica aren't the only ones backing the Lions right now. Check out this list of celebrities you'll likely see on the sidelines of Sunday's game.

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