You may have been to wine-pairing or beer-paring dinner parties where "foodies" try and find just the right combination of alcohol and food.  OK... it's been primarily just another excuse to eat and drink but who's counting?  And lets face it, these days everyone is trying to come up with the next cool thing to do.  The question is, is this it?

According to an article on, the latest hot trend may be happening in the "cannabis culinary" world with marijuana infused food.  Sure we've long had the pot brownies of a past generation or 2, but now the creativity has been taken to a "higher" level! (I stole that from the article) We're talkin' about some serious creativity too!  Not just throwing some pot into a mix, they're using things like marijuana-infused butter, CBD oil and even creating some wild deserts.  The question I have is what do you do about munchies when the munchies are getting you high?  Maybe I'm over-thinking this whole thing.  You can get more information by clicking HERE.


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