A thousand toys in one, LEGO has captured the minds and imaginations of children for generations. Whether you never strayed from the directions and built each collection for display purposes only, or you had buckets and buckets of mismatched LEGOs to create original robotics, LEGO is one of the longest lasting, most beloved toys on the market. Recently, a documentary series for Netflix, The Toys that Made Us, took a long look at the LEGO brick's humble beginnings, near ruin, and almost unbelievable and triumphant return. The LEGO is bigger and better than it's ever been, and to celebrate this childhood favorite, Portage District Library is bringing back LEGO City for this week only. The Western Michigan LEGO Train Club is once again displaying their amazing creations including some favorites from last year and new additions. Explore LEGO City for free during regular business hours through Saturday, July 6th.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Where: Portage District Library
  • When: Now through Saturday, July 6th
    • Monday through Wednesday - 9am-9pm
    • Thursday - CLOSED (Due to 4th of July Holiday)
    • Friday - 9am-6pm
    • Saturday - 9am-5pm

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