Late Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister can be heard in the love song “The Mask,” recorded as a collaboration with country singer Lynda Kay. The track was recently rediscovered after being lost for years.

It appears on Kay’s new album Black & Gold, which arrives on Sept. 20. Some of the songs will be heard on the TV series Goliath, in which Kay stars.

You can listen to “The Mask” below.

Rolling Stone reported that Kilmister started work on the song in 1979, the same year Motorhead released their landmark albums Overkill and Bomber. It took him nearly 30 years to complete it, and it was finally recorded in 2009.

That year he discussed his interest in music outside the heavier genre as he prepared to perform with Head Cat, his rockabilly side project. “Country was fine with me and it still is now,” he told the Austin Chronicle. “I still listen to a bit of country, you know.”

Asked about his progression toward the sound of Motorhead, he reflected, “I was a really mediocre guitarist for a lot of years. Then I became a fairly good bass player. I should’ve begun with the bass instead of spending all those years fucking around with the guitar hopelessly.”

He noted that "it's funny what your choices are. I could’ve been in a lot of different bands. I like playing music. I could have been in Head Cat from day one, a band like that. I could have been in something like Fairport Convention. It wouldn’t bother me. In the end, I would’ve had to push my way to the front, which would have probably gotten me fired anyway. I had to form my own band to stop getting fired. I got fired out of every other band I was in.”


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