Don Muhlbach is the long time long snapper for the Lions.  Recently he has moved into the list of the top 100 of all time of games played in the NFL.

According to M-Live, the long time Lion has moved into the list after the Monday night game in Green Bay.

He has played in 233 games which puts him on the list currently at 97.  He is tied with Vinny Testaverde, Jason Taylor, Rohn Stark and James Lofton.

He will move up to 88 on Sunday and if he plays every game for the Lions this season he could make it to 58.

Jason Hanson is ahead of Muhlbach on the all time Lions list.   Muhlbach actually first snapped for the Lions when Hanson was still active.

We'll see how long Muhlbach continues to play.  Next up for the Lions will be the Vikings on Sunday at Ford Field in Detroit.



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