I don't know about you but there are only a few people that I know pretty well that have tested positive for COVID-19.  In some ways I get a false sense of security.  In other ways I wonder who will be next.

Obviously, a fair amount of scrutiny is falling on the world of sports as players and teams find themselves in the forefront.  At the moment, the only major entity that's not playing yet is the NFL but training camps are ready to go.

So far the NBA seems to be faring well and so is the NHL.  However, both leagues are in a bubble.  As for Major league Baseball, I believe we're getting very close to seeing the season put on pause or cancelled all together.

Half of the Miami Marlins and now many of the St. Louis Cardinals have tested positive creating a postponement ripple affect.  This is proving to many that without a "bubble" situation it may be next to impossible to continue and finish.

Now we come to the NFL.  No bubble, more players and the most contact.  This seems to be a recipe for halting the start and possibly the cancellation of the season.  We've already seen players opt out even before testing and now, as training camps start, players are testing positive.

Should we be surprised that Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford has tested positive?  My first thought was I couldn't believe he wasn't more careful.  But one thing we do know, out of the many we don't about this virus, is that you never know who might have the disease, show no symptoms and infect those around them.

In all 8 Lions players have been put on the COVID list and I'm afraid there will be more in Detroit and certainly many more around the entire league.

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