Yes, we still get letters at the radio station. This listener has plenty of great ideas on how to spend your quarantine. We bet you haven't tried them all.

We all have more time at home these days in the effort to flatten the curve and follow Michigan's stay at home directive. The problem is, there's only so much TV you can watch. We got a handwritten letter (great idea) with 45 useful (?) ways to spend your time.

Some were the usual ideas you've heard before:

  • Go for a walk
  • Work on scrapbooks if you have some- if not, start them
  • Watch online church services
  • Write a letter to a grandchild or "grand mom and grand paw"
  • Scour your bathtub real well
  • Make a grocery list and order online

Some new ideas that sound doable:

  • Polish your shoes
  • Rearrange desk drawers and make them neater
  • Send in early vote for President
  • For mothers and older girls...make a quilt
  • For dad and older guys you can do woodwork and make something useful or a wall decoration

Some suggestions we never would have thought of:

  • Draw a chutes & ladders game in your driveway
  • Mop clean floor and wax with car waxing stuff
  • Pick a cemetery you want to be buried in and find out the cost
  • Play leapfrog with plush stuffed animals

Take a look at the complete list below and see how many activities you can cross off your quarantine checklist.

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Quarantine To Do List

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