Can you believe it's been 25 years since Live released "Throwing Copper" and Bush released "Sixteen Stone"?  At the time, I don't think we realized what prolific years those were for Rock.  It was the mid 90s and everybody was immersed in the continued wave of Grunge and bands like Bush and Live were doing there own thing and putting out some great material in there own right.  Think about it.  Not a whole hell of a lot came after that period except bands like Green Day and Foo Fighters.

Well it only seems necessary that these 2 bands celebrate their 25th with a tour and it's coming to Allegan County Fair September 7th.  It's a nice venue to see a show if you haven't been and it's one of the best "fairs" you'll ever go to.  Tickets go on sale Friday the 15th at 10:00am and you can beat the box office and win some on the Rocker Morning Show this week.


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