From my experience I've never seen the need for a flu shot.  It's not that I think there's anything wrong with getting one.  I just never worried about the flu enough to warrant a shot.  And then my daughter-in-law became a doctor and strongly encouraged that my wife and I get one; especially if we wanted to be with their daughter/ our granddaughter.  Was it a quid pro quo?  You be the judge.

Well now, according to an article on, a Spectrum doctor recommends that everyone should get a flu shot and takes it a step further.  Dr. Kara Whilloughby goes on to debunk a series of conspiracy theories and myths about flu shots.  In fact, one of them is a myth that I used to defend my belief that getting a flu shot gives you the flu.  My Dr. Daughter-In-Law wasn't buying it either and lets face it, I get the shot because she asked and because I love her and my granddaughter.  Check out more of the misconceptions by clicking HERE.


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