Remember when we were kids and our parents told us to never accept an apple when we went trick or treating because it may have a razor blade in it?  That's the main one I remember but I'm sure there were other things to watch out for.  Just another example of how far we've come in terms of life's dangers to our children.  The list keeps growing and growing.

Now, according to an article I saw on, there are illegal recreational drugs out there that are in candy form.  Authorities are saying that the candy-like drugs aren't designed or intended for children but when the characters are Homer Simpson, Hello Kitty, the Minions from Despicable Me and others you can understand how people might get a little nervous with Halloween right around the corner.  This year it's even more important to go through the kid's candy and make sure everything is in a familiar package as in a recognizable brand.  Hey, you're probably going to go through it anyway so you know what to steal from your kids.

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