Michiganians didn't hit every branch on the way down when they fell out of the ugly tree, but we rank pretty low on a national scale according to this "science."

There's no denying the United States is a country obsessed with its image and good looks. A look at any form of advertising confirms this. We'll buy almost anything that will make us look better to others or feel better about ourselves. They say "attractiveness is much more than just skin deep. Factors like how much money you have, what level of education you’ve earned, and if you have an STD all count too." Michiganders need some help in the beauty department, according to just-released research from Zippa.com.

The career expert website measured states by percentage of residents that are physically active, also looking at obesity rates, interest in hair, clothes, and other grooming, average income and STD rates. It was the last data point that sunk Michigan. We ranked 36th of the 50 states. So, it could be worse?

Believe it or not, New Jersey is the most attractive state in the U.S. The state has a lot obesity rate of 25.7, which can probably be attributed to the 21% of adults who work out. Plus the state has only recorded 527 STD cases per 100,000 people. It’s really attractive when you can meet someone without an STD.

The Most Attractive States:

  • 1.  New Jersey
  • 2.  Hawaii
  • 3.  California
  • 4.  Massachusetts
  • 5.  New York

The Least Attractive States:  

  • 46. South Carolina
  • 47. Arkansas
  • 48. Alabama
  • 49. Missouri
  • 50. Mississippi

Around the Midwest:

  • 21. Illinois
  • 33. Wisconsin
  • 36. Michigan
  • 37. Ohio
  • 42. Indiana
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