Live concerts are returning just in time for Lynyrd Skynrd's farewell tour. This may be the final Michigan show for the iconic southern rock band.

It's been a long year without live concerts and it's been a long road for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ronnie Van Zandt, Gary Rossington, and Bob Burns set up their equipment in the carport of Burns' parents' house in the Summer of 1964 and played the Rolling Stones' then-current hit "Time Is on My Side." They immediately recruited a couple more would-be rock stars and formed a band called My Backyard, which became The Noble Five, then The One Percent. They changed the name again to Leonard Skinner before settling on the creatyve spelling they are known for today.

The band has become known around the world for their fiery brand of southern rock filled with songs about the swamp lands, dodging bullets, making the most of Saturday night and taking Mama's advice. Not even a tragic plane crash in 1977 would stop the band for long. Now, the Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour is underway- one final curtain call for the rebels. The tour kicked off in May of 2018, and was scheduled to conclude in October of 2020 before the Coronavirus shut everything down. Now, the show they were supposed to play at the Jackson County Fair is on the calendar for 2021.

People may say, ‘they need the money,’ well I don’t think any of us need the money. It’s just that we love the music, it’s bigger than the money, it’s not even about that any more. We have to make a living, sure, but it’s about the legacy of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and what it stands for, what the fans are all about. There’s nothing like getting out there playing a great show with Skynyrd and seeing people love this music.

-Ronnie Van Zandt

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Country singer Toby Keith also performs at Jackson County Fair on August 8, and Contemporary Christian Band MercyMe takes the stage on August 9. Don't miss your last chance to yell "FREEEE-BIIIIIRD!" and know that the band is going to play it for sure.

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