First things first, congratulations to Mackinac Island for winning the Travel + Leisure's Best Island in the Continental U.S. for 2022. Well deserved, and a worthy place for the honor.

But... that graphic they used on The Today Show this morning.... it's not quite... right.

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A little back story, every year, Travel + Leisure names the best vacationing spots in the world. Specifically, this group was for the islands in the U.S. Mackinac Island topped a list that included the Florida Keys, and Hilton Head in South Carolina.

Most people would think "tropical" when the word "Island" is used, but we Michiganders know, Mackinac is FAR from tropical... which brings us to issue number one... the graphic.

See that...

Youtube/Today Show
Youtube/Today Show

...those are palm trees. I think the closest thing to a palm tree in Michigan is at water parks, and I'm pretty sure those are fake.

To the Today Show's credit, the rest of the islands on the list are fairly tropical and warm weather, so maybe that was just a slip-up, so we can let that one go... HOWEVER... THAT is NOT Mackinac Island where the pin is dropped!

The Today show feature does show video of the actual Mackinac Island - the horse-drawn buggies, the walking paths, beaches, ferries, and the Grand Hotel. But that pin drop on the map they used is NOT on Mackinac Island.

That pin is more accurately dropped on Naubinway, an unincorporated community in the U.P., home to less than 200 people, and the "Top-of-the-Lake Snowmobile Museum." A far cry from island life on Mackinac.


So whoever does the research over there at The Today Show, might want to do a little homework on what they're talking about... they probably pronounced it "Mack-in-ACK" too. *ugh*

All joking aside, Congratulations to Mackinac Island. This is a huge honor on the national spotlight. Don't be surprised, with this new title, if the island is a big busier than usual in 2022... also, don't be surprised if the "Top-of-the-Lake Snowmobile Museum" gets a few extra visitors too, thanks to The Today Show's errant map.

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