On Friday January 7th, there was a two car accident that almost sent one car hurdling over the side of the Mackinaw Bridge. Luckily, although 3 people were taken to the hospital, they all only suffered non-life threatening injuries. The bridge was closed for about an hour after the drivers from Fenton & Brighton had collided. The Fenton driver, Scott Bartholomew, apparently lost control of his car and crashed in the median before colliding with Brighton resident Jeffery McCague. You can see the chaos of the aftermath below:

The Straits Area Scanner reported the incidents by time:

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10:41-Caller on the Mackinac Bridge reporting a vehicle crossed the median near the south end. Second caller reporting it struck another vehicle and one vehicle is hanging off the bridge. EMS, law and Mackinaw City Fire Department requested.
10:42-Third caller reporting entrapment.
10:45-Unit on scene noting the car is totaled and up against the rail. Requesting Georges towing.
10:46-Fire Department unit reporting two entrapped. One in the car on in the truck.

Mackinaw Bridge Accidents

If there was ever a time to be careful driving across the Mackinaw Bridge, it is no doubt during winter. Since it's construction, the Mackinaw Bridge has claimed the lives of 19 people, five of which were during construction, and two cars have gone over the side of the bridge, one of which was by accident. There was also an accident where a plane had crashed into the bridge during heavy fog, which claimed the lives of 3 men. There should be no rush to get across this beautiful bridge, so PLEASE slow down.

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