Talk to a Yooper and sometimes you'll detect a bit of a chip on their shoulder about feeling a little less of a Michigander than those that live in the Lower Peninsula. But every Michigan resident, regardless of Peninsula preference should be outraged by the overwhelming number of maps and graphics made without the Upper Peninsula.

There is a section of reddit dedicated to tracking all the maps made without showing Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Meet /r/MapsWithoutUP. It's nearly as bad as a school textbooks getting the names of the Great Lakes wrong - and yes that happened.

So who has forgotten about the UP? The federal government - a lot. The Customs and Border Patrol forgot the UP here. And the National Security Agency, too, although maybe it's not such a bad idea the NSA doesn't have its eyes on the Upper Peninsula.

Even the University of Michigan's Instagram account recently shared a photo of a no-UP Michigan, with plenty of complains from Yooper Wolverines who where none-to-happy with the omission:


So c'mon map makers there are two parts to Michigan. Remember to include them both, okay. Glad we had this talk.

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