What may seem like a very Ohio thing to do ended up being a memorable day that apparently would last a lifetime. Back in 1977, there was a couple who had decided they were ready to tie the knot, but instead of spending thousands on a lavish wedding venue, they decided they and their wallet "deserved a break today."

This couple ended up getting married inside a McDonald's and, much like one of their cheeseburgers, the marriage still appears to look as good as it did back in 77', as one man shared the story as told by the son:

My dad was 20 and spent most of his time managing his afro and a McDonald’s in Cleveland. My mom was 18 and had recently given birth to my older brother. He had a mini afro.⁣" The young couple was looking to get married. The owner of the McDonald’s where my dad worked, agreed to have the wedding at his restaurant for free. See, McDonald’s was the s**t and a lot less common than today. (There were fewer than 5,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide, compared to over 36,000 now.)⁣
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The store apparently remained open during the ceremony, but since the ceremony was outside of peak hours, they had most of the outside area to themselves, even as restaurant guests looked on like, “I can dig it!”⁣ as their son Dewan Gibson recalled.
Now, normally this would be something to laugh about, but if you think about it, they did the smart thing. They started off their married life, not thousands of dollars in the hole, but with bellies full of burgers and fries and probably were only out a couple hundred. With inflation, we may have to start taking a page out of their book.
*Looks to see how much it takes to get married in the Chuck-E-Cheese Ball Pit...

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