Former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum's upcoming book is described as rock 'n' roll's "autobiographical equivalent" to 2001's drug-smuggling biopic Blow in a synopsis from its publisher, Chicago Review Press. For rockers itching to read the book, it also now has a release date.

April 7, 2020, will find Sorum's autobiography Double Talkin' Jive hitting bookstore shelves, according to fan site Guns N' Roses Central. The work carries the subtitle True Rock 'n' Roll Stories From the Drummer of Guns N' Roses, the Cult and Velvet Revolver, thanks to its tales of "cocaine smuggling, shoot-outs" and "never-ending decadent parties."

Interested readers can check out the full synopsis down toward the bottom of this post. But rock fans familiar with Sorum's story are likely aware of the early GNR drummer and subsequent Velvet Revolver member's history with drugs, particularly the musician smuggling cocaine in his early days.

"Before I was in a rock band, I was a drug smuggler," Sorum explained on the 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield podcast last year. "I used to smuggle cocaine across borders. I'd fly on airplanes with two kilos strapped around my waist."

But it's not just the musician's history with drugs that fills the pages of Double Talkin' Jive. The book also endeavors to sum up the drummer's more fascinating experiences with Guns N' Roses. It's a period for which the musician expressed his thankfulness in an interview with Loudwire earlier this year.

"I looked at my time in that band as well-spent," Sorum said. "It can never really be reimagined or replaced, that experience in my life. I give a lot of credit to my career going forward because of that experience."

The musician has been working on the autobiography for some time, and Sorum mentioned it to Loudwire in a separate interview last year. More recently, the drummer debuted new band Deadland Ritual with Black Sabbath's Geezer ButlerBilly Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and singer Franky Perez.

Pre-order Double Talkin' Jive here. (As Amazon associates, Loudwire earns on qualifying purchases.)

Cocaine smuggling, shoot-outs, and never-ending decadent parties: Matt Sorum's Double Talkin' Jive could almost be described as the autobiographical equivalent of the film Blow. But rather than becoming a premier drug smuggler, Matt Sorum becomes a world-famous drummer in Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, and the Cult. Sorum drops out of high school to become a drummer, but turns to selling pot to support himself, and later smuggling large quantities of cocaine. When Sorum is given the chance to play in the Cult, he is finally able to make a living as a drummer. The very next year Slash and Duff Mckagan recruit Matt to join Guns N' Roses, and with that, Matt's life is transformed. When Axl Rose starts turning up at the recording studio more and more sporadically, sometimes not at all, Matt recounts in keen detail how he and the band stagger toward their downfall. Matt and his Guns N' Roses bandmates Slash and Duff form Velvet Revolver with Dave Kushner and Scott Weiland. When Weiland suddenly leaves the band, Matt steps in as drummer for Motörhead during their US tour, and then starts his own all-star band, Kings of Chaos. During his time as a professional drummer, Matt battles alcohol and coke addictions, but meeting his girlfriend, Ace Harper, helps him manage to go clean. Matt Sorum's autobiography, written with writer duo Leif Eriksson and Martin Svensson, avoids all the usual rock biography clichés.

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