Every year we look forward to the Firekeepers Casino Hotel Championship LPGA golf tournament at Battle Creek Country Club.  And every year some hot-shot young LPGA pro comes to RKR to teach me a little bit of a lesson in humility.  Well guess what? It worked!!!

The truth is LPGA pro Marissa Dodd was so cool and so nice it was a pleasure to get my ass handed to me.  But then, who in the hell do I think I am anyway???  I'm somewhere in my 50s and she's an LPGA pro!  She'd still hit it by me if I was 30 because she and her fellow competitors are that good.  That's why every year I encourage people, especially families, to head out to the tournament this weekend and watch these incredible women athletes show how it's supposed to be done.  Speaking of which, you can see how it's done on the video below and see me try my best.  I will say though that Marissa gave me some props on my swing and I'm encouraged to get back out there.  Get all the info on this year's tournament by clicking HERE.

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