Every year the Dollar Drive Thru not only raises money for but also awareness of the staggering number of children in our community who are food insecure. The problem is made even worse over the summer, as the meals provided during school are not made available to them. Meet Up and Eat Up hopes to fill that gap.

Meet Up and Eat Up is a program that aims to meet the needs of children in lower-income areas of Kalamazoo to provide them with nutritious meals now through August 24th at five locations. All children up the age of 18 are welcome with no paperwork or ID required. Also, anyone enrolled in school for physical or mental disabilities is welcome to take part. Are you from out of town? No problem; come anyway. No children will be turned away from Meet Up and Eat Up. Families are also encouraged to come. The children eat free, and adults pay only $2.00 per meal. Click here for a complete schedule of dates, times, and locations. Every child should have enough to eat.

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