Metallica have yielded some of the top cover songs in metal over the years, but it’s time for someone to flip the script. Latin rock star Juanes decided to put his take on a Metallica classic and he ended up getting the band’s stamp of approval.

Juanes brought out a cover of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” for the festival crowd at Rock Al Parque in Bogota, Colombia, and the fans went crazy after the instantly recognizable riffs of the song.

“We’re blown away by the reception our friend @juanes received in Bogota for his awesome rendition of Seek!,” stated Metallica on Twitter, while also showcasing a brief portion of the performance. For fans who want to see the full thing, the Juanes rendition of “Seek and Destroy” can viewed toward the bottom of this page.

Juanes has previously admitted his metal fandom, stating that at as he was entering his teen years that Metallica, Slayer and Sepultura were the big bands musically to him.

Metallica continue to make their way around the world on the “WorldWired” tour. They’ll return stateside in September and you can pick up tickets at this location.

Juanes, “Seek and Destroy”

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