Method Man once said, "Every Day I need an ounce and a half. S.P., the only flower that you know with a bounce-and-a-half."

In that same song, he also said "I get high" about 30 times. ALL of which is pertinent if you're in the Detroit area, because you CAN get an ounce and a half of Meth's personal stash, and new product line of cannabis products, TICAL.

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The brand is launching in five black-owned dispensaries throughout Detroit, and will be his first run in the Mitten. The big product being a pre-rolled joint, "Sweet Island Skunk" in partnership with Rochester Hills-based Glorious Cannabis Co.

Method Man isn't the only owner of the company. His partner, Nathaniel Vereen told the Free press that their approach and message, "aligns with the diverse, working-class people of Michigan, the kind of people Method Man grew up with."

"Being that Michigan is the birthplace of Motown and Method Man's iconic influence in music, we believe it to be a perfect match."

TICAL stands for "Taking Into Consideration All Lives," which is from Method Man's 1994 album of the same name.

The company also says they are targeting black-owned dispensaries specifically because they recognize the more difficult time they've had to enter the regulated market in Michigan.

Method Man also markets his products differently in every state he's in. The Sweet Island Skunk pre-roll will ONLY be available in the state of Michigan, with hopes they can expand to other products.

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