The State of Michigan is opening its doors to accept applications from people who want to get into the legal recreational marijuana business. Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency is accepting online applications  as of midnight. Hand delivered application forms can be taken to the agency’s office at the state capitol.

The state expects the first to win approval will be those people already licensed in the state’s medical marijuana business. They could be approved for recreational businesses as early as next February. But don’t look for legal recreational sales until much later.  There are no legal growing operations yet. And the grow cycle takes a few months.

The approval process is complicated and expensive.  A marijuana micro business in Michigan will be a self-contained operation allowed to grow, process, and sell the products from up to 150 plants. The licensing fee is $8,000.

-A Class C grower would be allowed to manage up to 2-thousand plants with a licensing fee of $40,000.

-A retailer license for operating stores involving the sale of processed marijuana carries a license fee of $25,000.

-There’s even a consumption establishment license for a business designated for marijuana consumption and the license fee is $1,000.

Most applicants are also required to carry bodily liability insurance. More than 1,000 municipalities around the state have notified the licensing agency they have enacted bans or will allow limited marijuana business in their communities.

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