Maybe the worst kept secret in the world may be that Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the country.  May I remind you that Michigan has also been rated to have the best drivers in the country.  Yup.  I'm scratching my head too.  It's been well documented that the combination of the no fault and insurance companies has created this travesty of fairness and every year the michigan legislature vows to finally right this horrible wrong.  And sure enough the new legislature is vowing again.

According to an article on, State Farm Mutual Insurance Companies announced they will cut rates in Michigan by 3.5 percent making the total statewide savings for its customers around $48.4 million.  State Farm says this move has nothing to do with politics but some are saying they're getting ahead of the legislature actually delivering on legislation to lower rates across the board.  So, it's possible other insurance companies could follow suit or (are you sitting down?) lawmakers could finally get the job done!

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