It's crazy where you'll see some people pop up, and recently Little Caesar's burned us pretty good with one.

They started a new "Burn the Burn" campaign on their TikTok channel, and those with sharp eyes may have recognized one of the faces in the ads from a very popular internet meme.

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Little Caesar's most recent campaign takes people who wrote bad reviews about their pizza, puts them in front of a blazing fire, blindfolded, and brings them face to face with their metaphorical "burn" on the restaurant.

Their blindfolds are taken off, and a woman greets them, and people who have been using internet memes for the past 5-10 years might recognize her.


Yep, that's the Burning House Girl meme, and now, she's going to "burn your burns" with Little Caesar's.

She first makes them face their review, and stand behind it. Then, they're fed actual Little Caesar's pizza, and asked if they changed their minds.

Then, their metaphorical "burn," which is now etched on a log, is tossed into the roaring fire by the Internet sensation.

@littlecaesarspizzaThis is what happens when you talk bad about our pizza.♬ original sound - Little Caesars

Since then, the account has utilized the services of one of their regular posters (we assume he works directly with their digital marketing department), and now he issues his own burns on other bad reviews from TikTok.

Little Caesar's has a history of being unhinged, and on top of popular trends. Truth be told, it's the only restaurant I follow on TikTok, and I am NOT disappointed.

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