Nothing says loving Pure Michigan like trashing some of it. That is the sad, sorry state of McCarty's Cove in Marquette. The Lake Superior beach was left in appalling conditions after Independence Day partying.

The photo was shared to Facebook with the following caption:

Just curious as to who people think picks all of this up...? I don't care if you drink at the beach and enjoy yourself, but at the VERY LEAST pick up your garbage!? C'mon people. 

The comments were fast and furious after the image was shared to the You're not "Up North" until you cross the Mackinac Bridge!!! Facebook group:

It is beyond disrespectful. Low lifes. Lazy pigs!


Thats pitiful. At the field of flight in Battle Creek you never see trash on the ground. I made comment about that yesterday. The attendees have respect!! Easy enough people!!


I have been on the beach on Lake Shore Blvd in Marquette a few times in the summer, and never seen this crazy disgusting mess before??? This is so upsetting! Look along our highways, some people are so ignorant.


This is totally ridiculous. What is wrong with people


be an adult --clean up after yourself

How hard is it to pick up after yourself?


Sadly this goes on everywhere. The beautiful beaches in Traverse City are disgusting, especially after the fireworks.. Litter everywhere, please carry a bag and carry out your trash. The world is not a personal trash can- show some class and respect and don't litter. BTW those who toss their cigarette are the biggest butt heads around.

One commenter saw the upside in all that trash - thanks to Michigan's 10 cent bottle deposit law, That's a bit of cash...

Here's how McCarty;s Cove looks in cleaner times.

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